World Cup: in detention, the spectator with the rainbow flag claims to have been “helped” by Infantino

Gianni Infantino to the rescue of a man who waved the rainbow flag in front of his eyes? The story may seem funny, but it is very real, at least according to the main interested party. Mario Ferri, alias “Il Falco” interrupted the Portugal-Uruguay meeting on Monday evening, crossing the lawn with the rainbow-colored flag, in support of the LGBTQ + communities. The Italian was then arrested by security and taken care of by the police in stride.

Mario Ferri then detailed the consequences of his evening with Spanish radio zero wave : ” I’m free. I spent a difficult night, not in prison, but in the police station in Qatar. “Il Falco” assures that the president of Fifa Gianni Infantino intervened. “Infantino came at four in the morning and helped me. He said to me: now you, why? Qatar is very dangerous for you,” explained the Italian viewer. The man said he replied that “the message that (he) had sent was very important”, without giving more details on the continuation of the conversation, nor on how the president of Fifa could have said it. ‘to help.

Mario Ferri still recalled the essence of his gesture to Spanish radio. “I like to enter the field during matches but always with good intentions with such messages. “Perhaps we could see him again by the end of this 2022 World Cup. Unless this little passage through the “police” box dissuades him.


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