World No Tobacco Day: LILT and TikTok stars speak to young people

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World No Tobacco Day: LILT and TikTok stars speak to young people

On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day next May 31st, the LILT – Italian League for the Fight against Cancer – involves the social idols of the very young to spread the important stop smoking message.

“As LILT we are always at the forefront to provide concrete support to those who want to quit smoking. But to be able to really envision a future free from tobacco we must intervene on the new generations, that is, beat the lighting of the first cigarette over time “, said the president of the National LILT. Francesco Schittulli on the eve of the World No Tobacco Day, “the data, which are decidedly worrying, unfortunately tell of an increasingly precocious smoking, since pre-adolescence”.

Starting from this reflection, LILT has decided to engage in a campaign on TIK TOK, hiring some of the youngest faces most followed on the social network to dissuade the equally young (and numerous) followers from smoking. Noa Planas, Matteo Andreini, Antony Nano, Stella Lavagnini, Jash Lyn Gonzales, Swami Caputo are the Tiktokers of the “House of Talent” crew involved, all under 20, all non-smokers, to try their hand at creating and publishing contributions on their channels to say no to smoking across the board, thus inviting the fanbase to care their health, to defend themselves from the social pressure that sometimes leads to developing the habit, to take into account the danger of passive smoking and the negative effects of smoking on the environment.

“As LILT we are engaged throughout the year in awareness campaigns, the production of information brochures and initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of prevention as a winning weapon against cancer. But this time, considering the very young target of our message, we also wanted to involve a different channel – continued the President Schittulli – we want to talk to children through the contexts and languages ​​that most belong to them; it is not enough for young people to say “don’t smoke because it hurts”, we believe instead in the power, in dialogue, in comparison and in the effectiveness of the positive example from peers, like the young stars of Tik Tok, more incisive than any rule and warning “and concludes” moreover, for some time we have been carrying out with the MIUR the project ‘Gaining Health with LILT’ whose goal is to promote the culture of prevention and correct lifestyles also in the classrooms: school remains a fundamental context to reach children and concretely transmit the value of health “.

Finally, LILT keeps the SOS LILT number 800998877 always active, an anonymous and free national line that directs and supports anyone who wants to undertake a smoking cessation process or receive advice to improve their lifestyle.

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