World’s First Electric Ship | The world’s first electric ship in Norway; It can save the journey of 40,000 diesel trucks per year

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The world’s first electric ship sails in Norway. The ship ‘Yara Birkeland’ was first unveiled on Friday. The voyage will replace the 40,000 diesel trucks needed each year. It is estimated that this electric vessel, which does not require fossil fuel and has no carbon emissions, will be a great asset to the eco-friendly sea voyage.

The ship made its maiden voyage to the port of Breivik, eight miles away, with 120 containers of manure from a plant in the southeastern city of Porsgren. About 40,000 diesel trucks pass through the plant annually. This demand can save fuel and reduce carbon emissions as the electric ship begins its voyage.

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The ship, which is 80 meters high and weighs 3,200 tonnes, will be in operation for two years. Holcether said there will be no need for a wheelhouse on the ship in four or five years. The captain controls the ship from inside the wheelhouse. However, Holcether explained that the wheelhouse would cease to function only after the ship was able to travel 7.5 nautical miles on its own with the help of sensors.

The ship ‘Yara Birkland’ will have battery compartments instead of the ship’s machine room. The ship’s battery, which relies on hydropower for operation, has a capacity of 6.8 MW. It is estimated to be equal to one hundred teslas.

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The oceans contribute about three percent of all man-made pollution. It aims to reduce this to 50 per cent by 2050. According to the International Maritime Organization, in 2018 alone, the oceans emitted 100 billion tons of greenhouse gases. With the introduction of shipping instead of trucks, there will be a 678 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions a year.

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