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Around 6 p.m., countless websites were down around the world! In Germany alone, in addition to BILD, sites such as Bunte, Stern, Steam or DHL were not available or only functioned to a limited extent. Around 40 minutes after the first failures, the first websites such as were available again.

At 6:30 pm, the Swedish monitoring platform “Pingdom” reported more than 30,000 unreachable pages around the world. Including those of the British bank HSBC, the delivery service UPS and the American airline Delta Air Lines. Around 7 p.m. there were still around 22,000.

Over 30,000 websites worldwide were unavailable at 6.30 p.m.

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The American server provider Akamai (325,000 servers in 135 countries) announced that it had problems with its Domain Name System (DNS). This system is like a phone book for websites, through which the browser looks up the correct IP address when surfing the net in order to connect to a website. If this phone book fails, the connection will not work either.

Akamai has fixed bugs

Akamai has since announced that the problem has been resolved. In a tweet posted at 6:47 pm, the company stated, “We have implemented a solution to the problem. Based on our current observations, the services are back to normal. We continue to monitor to make sure the bug has been fully resolved. “

July 22, 2021

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Also on the On the company’s status website, the DNS services are noted as working again.

In another tweet Akamai also explains that the failure was not a cyber attack.



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