WP: Biden convinces supporters of plans to run for a second presidential term

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US President Joe Biden and people around him have recently assured supporters that he will run for a second term, sources told The Washington Post. According to the newspaper, the Democratic Party continues to talk that Mr. Biden will not go to the polls due to a decrease in his rating and because of his age – in 2024 he will be 81 years old.

According to WP, Mr. Biden announced his intention to participate in the elections at an event to raise funds for the Democratic Party. Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who attended the event, said Joe Biden “strongly believes” in what he said. “He will not run if he realizes that he cannot do the job physically and emotionally,” added Mr. Rendell.

The newspaper interviewed 28 Democratic strategists and officials and concluded that not everyone was convinced by the president’s assurances. Some believe that regardless of the current plans, it is beneficial for Mr. Biden to talk about plans to participate in the elections in order to prevent a decline in positions. Also, the interlocutors of the publication note that the 2024 campaign may become more eventful according to the schedule. In 2020, events were often held in a distance format. At the same time, WP notes that if Mr. Biden runs for a second term, the officials of the Democratic Party will support him. The president is expected to formally announce the decision following the November 2022 congressional elections.

According to a poll by the University of Quinnipack, Joe Biden’s rating has updated a historical minimum – 36% of Americans approve of his activities. 53% of the respondents disapprove of his work. The President’s attending physician, Kevin O’Connor, recommended that Mr Biden be tested for cough and gait. At the same time, the doctor said that the health of the head of state allows him to fulfill his duties.

The reasons for the drop in the rating are discussed in Kommersant’s article “Time.news of the Diving Biden”.

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