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WSJ: Germany did not allow Estonia to transfer D-30 howitzers to Ukraine

We are talking about the supply of 122-millimeter guns produced in the Soviet Union and deployed in the former East Germany. After the reunification of Germany, Berlin handed them over to Finland, and that to Estonia.

Germany refused to give Estonia permission to export German weapons to Ukraine, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing Estonian and German officials.

Unlike the United States, Great Britain, Poland and other allies, the German government refused to export deadly weapons to the country directly, the publication points out. Berlin also did not allow Estonia to send artillery to Ukraine because the guns “come from Germany”.

“The principle governing the export of weapons is always the same – whether they come directly from Germany or third countries – and no permit has been issued at this stage,” a German government official said. The Estonian cabinet, in turn, said they still hope to convince Germany. “We hope we get Germany’s approval,” said Kristo Ann Vaga, adviser to the republic’s defense minister, noting that Tallinn wants to help Ukraine in any way possible.

We are talking about the supply of 122-mm D-30 howitzers, the publication clarifies. They were produced in the Soviet Union and stationed in the former East Germany. According to Estonian, Finnish and German officials, after German reunification, Berlin handed over the artillery pieces to Finland in the 1990s, which then shipped them to Estonia in 2009.

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