X Factor 2021, the jury confirmed and the division into categories abolished

A X Factor with many news: ledition 2021 of the Sky show produced by Fremantle, expected in September on Sky and NOW, revolutionizes, together with the new announced host Ludovico Tersigni, also its structure. Ma Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli, Mika they return to the judges’ table.

The announcement came today, June 1, with a video in which the judges confirm their presence in the 2021 edition. Emma, one of the most loved voices of the Italian music scene, Hell Raton, CEO and creative director of Machete Empire Records and winner of XF2020 with Casadilego, Manuel Agnelli, leader of Afterhours and spokesperson for a unique and innovative musical vision, e Mika, a global artist who has taken his tours around the world in his career. The edition is renewed with an important one new: the abolition of the subdivision into traditional categories.

The Italian one is the first edition in the world to bid farewell to the historical subdivision by categories of sex, age and musical formation (singles and bands). The 4 judges will remain mentors of teams that never as this time will be heterogeneous, composed of both soloists and bands through a method of assigning and choosing the 12 finalists focused exclusively on the musical proposal and artistic planning.

A radical but also natural change that fits into the path of X Factor, a program that has always been contemporary, tuned to its time, which has constantly tried to accord with the expressive and artistic urgency of the new generations, and continues to do so. As has already happened in the last edition, when ai unreleased songs a relevant space has been dedicated as never before.

Antonella d’Errico, Executive Vice President Programming Sky Italia, declares: “To be able to confirm the jury today, with Emma, ​​Manuel Agnelli, Mika and Hell Raton, is great news for the X Factor and for the public. Our judges did a great job last year – in one of the editions more complex than the show, realized during the lockdown, but also among the most popular – both at the table and in the tiring and satisfying daily commitment with the boys. This year their involvement in the search for talent will be even more total and limitless, in thanks to the great news that we announce today: the elimination – for the first time in the world in this format – of the subdivision into traditional categories.

A novelty that is an integral part of the path and DNA of X Factor, which has always been a child program of its time, both in music where the mission is not to follow trends but try to anticipate them, and in society, always supporting without no fear of the principles of inclusiveness and hospitality that we all believe to be a perennial source of enrichment. The same values ​​that the Sky group welcomes and supports, promoting and actively engaging every day in the development of a culture of inclusion and diversity.

By eliminating the historical division into categories, X Factor not only welcomes change, but wants to make it a standard-bearer: in a world that no longer needs to make distinctions of gender or age, for us talent is a neutral noun.

We will ask all the competitors we will be proud to welcome on stage to bring with them the only thing they really need: their personal, unique ‘X Factor’.

X Factor 2021, here’s how it will develop

As always, in the Audition – whose recordings will begin in a few days at Cinecittà Studios – the total of competitors who have had a favorable opinion in the early stages of the selections will be skimmed until the 48 most deserving of access to the Bootcamps are obtained: to continue, at least 3 yeses of the judges.

Here it comes into play the news: at the end of the Auditions, the four judges will meet with the musical direction of X Factor 2021 to discuss the judgments given during the selection and the artistic planning of each competitor. On the basis of this comparison, the musical direction will assign each judge a roster of 12 competitors who will hold both solo participants and bands (meaning any musical formation composed of more than one element), without any limitation given by gender or by ‘ age.

Following this, the four teams thus formed will face first the Bootcamps, where the mechanism of the chairs already seen in previous editions will remain unchanged, and then the Home Visits, from which the 3 actual competitors will emerge for each team who will then access the Live, where they will battle week after week to make it to the grand final. For the judges, only one fixed rule in choosing the 3 members of your team: each of them must bring with them to Live at least one soloist and at least one band.


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