“X Factor”, Erio sings “Fegato”, the song written by Giuliano Sangiorgi, then flies to the semifinal

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The Tuscan artist thus continues his march


Erio is back on the stage of X Factor 2021 (Thursday 25 November on Sky and streaming on Now, always available on demand) bringing his new piece «Liver» with the signature of Giuliano Sangiorgi. Erio’s “Liver” is the courage of vulnerability, it means deeply accepting oneself and shining on one’s own measure, having the fortitude to live serenely that normality that appears almost a failure in the contemporary world, so dominated by competition and hunger for success. «Fegato» is a piece built on a musical storytelling complementary to the text, through an unstoppable crescendo full of dynamic variations and rhythmic doublings that accentuate the emotional nuances of the piece from the first to the last note. The Tuscan artist thus continues his march to # XF2021, the doors of the semifinal open, arriving on Thursday 2 December (Images courtesy of Sky).

November 26, 2021 – Updated November 26, 2021, 3:45 pm

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