Xavi explodes against the refereeing of the Champions League in Milan: “I can be outraged”

BarcelonaDisbelief at Barça for the performance of the Slovenian referee Slavko Vincic. Xavi Hernández’s team did not play well in Milan, but the performance of the referees – both Vincic and his VAR colleague, Pol van Boekel, the same as in Munich, where Barça he also left upset – outraged by his bias. The action in which Dumfries touches the ball with his hand inside the area – minutes after denying a goal to Pedri by an involuntary hand of Ansu Fati – caused deep indignation in the players and the coaching staff .

“We don’t understand anything. We don’t understand anything”, repeated Xavi, upset and disappointed, right after the match. “I am very angry because it is an injustice. I’ve said it before: the referees should explain themselves. Why doesn’t the penalty kick? For me it is very clear [en referència a les mans de Dumfries]. But that should be up to the referee to explain. I asked him for explanations after the game and I didn’t understand him; so I leave even more angry and with a greater sense of injustice. It’s true that we haven’t been good and that we haven’t had a good first half, but today the indignation can get to me”.

In the same vein, Sergi Roberto had expressed himself, minutes earlier: “Every year they are changing the criteria. Neither the players nor the referees themselves know what is whistled and what is not. They deny us a goal and then take another one in a very similar play. I leave in a hurry, because of this and because of the defeat”. Roberto also remembered that they had explained to the players that if there are involuntary hands (like those of Ansu) and the action ends in another player’s goal (Pedri) the target would not be annulled. This was not the criterion that was followed yesterday in Milan.

Beyond the refereeing, both Reusenc and Xavi also admitted that they didn’t play well until the last half hour. “We can’t fail anymore”, said the technician.


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