Xavi: The Barcelona coach talked about the 0-0 draw against Benfica

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After the 0-0 draw against Benfica last night (Tuesday) in the home stage of the Champions League, Barcelona know that in order to qualify for the quarterfinals of the most prestigious enterprise that world football has to offer, they must beat one of the strongest teams on the continent – Bayern Munich, and more away. The Catalans, who can qualify if Benfica do not beat the weak Dynamo Kiev at home, did not manage to come out with three points from the game against the Portuguese, but certainly came out cheering from Xavi’s second game on the lines.

“I think we were much better,” Xavi said. “This is exactly what we wanted. We missed quite a bit and that’s why we did not win of course, but I am optimistic. We have one more game and of course we will try to win it, even if it is in Munich. We must not forget we are Barcelona, ​​which means we come to every game to win.”

“We were much better.” Xavi | Reuters

“I do not feel like we lost,” admitted Mark Andre Ter Stegen. “I feel proud and know we did a great job. It’s true we could not score, but we played against a strong and very tough team and it was not easy for us. Xavi? Everyone sees his tremendous contribution, we feel committed when he is on the lines and it’s a great feeling. With this attitude “We are going to win and succeed, I have no doubt about that.”

“I feel I need to give more because I shared with Xavi a locker room,” Gerard Pique admitted. “Veteran players need to help those younger ones, who are the future of the club. As for the game, I think we deserved to win because we were better, but it’s probably not enough. We’ll get to Munich to win; it will be difficult but we are a very good team.”

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