Xbox & Bethesda conference superpower Hideo Kojima appeared on netizens: Does Sony still breathe?

The content of the Xbox & Bethesda conference is super strong, and even Kojima has netizens: Does Sony still breathe? Although there have been fewer masterpieces in the last one or two months, at the same time, the game industry has also made a lot of moves in the past one or two weeks. There have been a lot of conferences. After PlayStation’s State of Play, today (in the early morning of June 13, Hong Kong time), there will be an Xbox & Bethesda game conference, and the content of the release is very rich.

Game Pass lineup bolsters Hideo Kojima’s Xbox collaboration to complete Cloud gaming

The Xbox & Bethesda press conference lasted for 90 minutes and released a lot of content, such as a 15-minute live game video of “Starfield”, “Diablo IV” Necromancer public and live play screen, “Hollow Knight Silk Song” And the new film of “A Plague Tale: Requiem”, the release date of “Overwatch 2”, the “Three Kingdoms Edition Nioh”, “Wolong: Lost Dynasty”, the new action strategy game “Minecraft Legends” of the Minecraft series, the Persona series to join Game Pass, etc. , the content is very substantial.

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That is, watching the Xbox & Bethesda conference, the super-strong Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance:

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Another interesting announcement is that Game Pass will cooperate with Riot Games of “League of Legends”. In the future, using Game Pass to play Riot Games’ games including “League of Legends”, “League of War Chess” and Volrant will be automatically unlocked. All heroes.

There is still a surprise in the whole press conference, that is, the god-level game producer “Hideo Kojima” made a surprise appearance and said that he would cooperate with Xbox Studios to develop a Cloud-based game. However, only the news of the cooperation between “Kojima and Xbox” has been announced so far. The name, content, gameplay, and when it will be released have not been disclosed at all.

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After the news was announced, many PS players were worried about whether Kojima was going to “jump” to Xbox. Officially, Kojima Studio stated that they still maintain a good relationship with PlayStation.

The performance of Xbox and Game Pass has been getting stronger and stronger in recent years, and the content of this conference is also unanimously praised by players; on the other hand, although the performance of the PS5 and the game lineup of Sony are not bad, it has been plagued by players due to insufficient supply. , and the newly launched PS Plus for the corresponding Game Pass has not been able to satisfy all players.

Many players have commented that this time is a big victory for Microsoft/Xbox

However, in fact, the two major console manufacturers, Microsoft and Sony, have been attacking and defending each other in this generation. Although this conference is Microsoft’s scenery, it may be launched in PS5 masterpieces such as “God of War: Ragnarok” and “Final Fantasy 16”. At that time, the wind direction will become “PS5 God host” and “why can’t I buy it”.

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