Xiaodu Du Smart Bud Pro Wireless Headphones HiFi Sound Big Driver 12mm Noise Canceling Up to 40 decibels

Xiaodu Thailand Introducing a new generation of wireless headphones. Xiaodu Du Smart Bud Pro It has a feature that cuts out background noise up to 40 decibels, meaning you can enjoy music. or streaming content for fun no outside interference With Dual Driver Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, it can be considered as a wireless headphone suitable for every lifestyle. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to music, exercising, meeting video calls. or study online

Xiaodu Du Smart Bud Pro The size of the headphones is 36×17.1×18.4 mm, the weight of each earphone is only 3.7 grams, and the design of the headphones is simple. in general style It’s a headphone with a stem. Comes with IPX4 waterproofing standard, can be used independently, both outdoors or exercise

wireless headphones Xiaodu Du Smart Bud Pro Comes with a soft silicone rubber stopper, available in 4 sizes such as XS, S, M and L, with a suggested wearing mode. to find the size of the silicone rubber plugs that fit your ear canal The material uses a special material that is non-irritating. flexible soft Does not hurt the ear canal even after wearing it for a long time

Xiaodu Du Smart Bud Pro It has a large driver, 12 mm, supports Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection, has outstanding features: language translation, supports more than 40+ languages, translates, records voices and speaks in real-time using the Xiaodu application (downloadable both Google Play Store and App Store) or general use, it allows you to experience HiFi sound with Neodymium magnet material, developed with specific techniques to enhance sound quality.

Controls change modes with a slight touch on the headphones. You can tap and hold with your thumb and forefinger to switch between noise canceling or transparency mode, and the sound will go straight to your headphones. There is a technology to detect the environment. Therefore, when talking, there is no need to take off the headphones. You can hear sounds from your surroundings while wearing headphones.

headphone case size 65.3×27.8×48.7mm, weight 55.2g including headphones, 35 hours of battery life when used with charging case. If the headphones are fully charged Can play music continuously at 50% volume for up to 7 hours.

  • Turn off the noise canceling mode. The battery lasts for 7 hours on a single charge and 35 hours on a single charge with the charging case.
  • Turn on noise cancellation mode. The battery lasts 4.5 hours on a single charge and 22.5 hours on a single charge with the charging case.

In addition, there is fast charging technology. Quick Charge Support. Charge for 10 minutes, can be used for about 2 hours if the headphones and charging case are not in a low battery state (less than 30%). Charging the charging case Can be charged via Type-C port

Xiaodu Du Smart Bud Pro Available now through leading online channels such as Shopee, JD Central, Lazada and Line Shopping, priced at 2,690 baht.


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