Xiaomi 13 Series design, ultra-thin bezels Using high-quality nano artificial leather cover Waterproof, dust, IP68 standard

Before we could meet the Xiaomi 13 Series, Xiaomi’s latest flagship family, in a few days. Officially, they released posters advertising great features to tempt each other. This year seems to have a distinctive feature in the design and materials used to assemble the machine. To use the back cover of the device is artificial leather produced using nanotechnology. which he advertised as a divine quality material Use the best things for use to assemble into a mobile phone ever. It also reveals many other cool features.

Xiaomi 13 uses a nano-imitation leather material.

The first story is the back cover that is used as an artificial leather. From the poster, they say that they will use premium quality materials with nanotechnology. This will allow the user to experience a virtual movie. That is highly durable, used for a long time and will not have signs of deterioration, fresh colors, no falling, plus has special features that do not cause various dirt to remain stuck. This should be a response to concerns for users. who is afraid that the skin is like this and will begin to tear after use Or whether the condition looks dirty or not. When he told me like this, it should be able to relieve anxiety.

In addition, he also discussed that the nanotechnology that It will make the leather resist ultraviolet radiation, prevent the edges from yellowing, prevent being eroded from use, and prevent the leather from having a bad smell.

Xiaomi 13 Series has 4 color options.

From the information revealed that the Xiaomi 13 series willThere are four color options: black, white, green and pink. The green and pink machines will use normal leather. not artificial leather However, some reports indicate thatThis year there will be 10 color options ever. If true, this would be very wow.

The leather used is an environmentally friendly organic silicon material. Similar to the one used in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, but he said that this Xiaomi 13 series model will be of better quality. It can be easily cleaned by simply wiping gently with a cloth or cleaning paper. As for the outer surface, it has been selected to use materials that give a soft and smooth touch. Hold it and give it a premium feel. But it still has a holding force that makes it easy to place and not flow and fall.

Waterproof, dustproof IP68

from the poster revealed Clearly stated that this year, the Xiaomi 13 Series mobile phones will receive standards for waterproofing, dustproof, all models, both Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro.IP68 standard This means it can withstand water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and can withstand dust entering dangerous parts of the device for 8 hours, which is the highest water and dust resistance standard available at this time. Equal to the standards of flagship mobile phones that we can meet in other camps.

Super thin bezel

The official also mentions the screen of the Xiaomi 13. It was found to use a high-quality OLED screen, a punch-hole front camera, and the top, left and right corners of the screen are only 1.61 mm thin and the bottom edge is 1.81 m thin. m, which has a thin bezel like this, will result in a screen-to-device ratio of 93.3%.

All of this will be the information that Xiaomi reveals and looks very interesting, at least in terms of design. As for the specifications and cool features, what will be there? Let’s wait and see on the launch date of December 1, 2022.

source: gizchina


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