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The warning sounded threatening: In October last year, the Lithuanian government had security gaps and censorship functions in smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi revealed. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is now giving the all-clear – at least for devices in Germany.

In an investigation, the Lithuanian government came to the conclusion that the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G cell phone contains technology that theoretically allows internet traffic to be censored. The technology is not active, but can be activated at any time without being noticed, it said.

Lithuanian authorities therefore advised their citizens not to buy new mobile phones from China and to exchange existing devices as quickly as possible.

Because of this warning, the BSI had been investigating Xiaomi devices for several months. Relevant devices from the manufacturer were examined “with automated operating scenarios”. When asked, the BSI did not specify which models were examined.

During their investigation, the authority found neither security gaps nor indications of censorship functions. In particular, the BSI was unable to identify filter lists that were described in the original report.

The BSI therefore does not consider further investigations or other measures regarding the Xiaomi smartphones to be necessary. “However, the BSI points out that this result relates specifically to the investigation carried out here in Germany,” said a spokesman for the authority.


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