Xiaomi unlocked its smartphones for users from Crimea and five countries

The Chinese corporation Xiaomi has unlocked its smartphones for users from Crimea, as well as Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Sudan after investigating the potential smuggling of gadgets to regions where the company is not officially present. This is reported by the Global Times with reference to a Xiaomi representative.

“The investigation has yielded significant results, and now the affected devices can be unlocked,” the source said.

Earlier, some media reported about the blocking of Xiaomi devices in some countries where the corporation is not officially present. The restriction also affected the residents of Crimea. Some publications linked this to US influence, explaining that Washington is allegedly putting pressure on a Chinese company to block the gadgets of citizens from regions under sanctions.

Xiaomi, commenting on such assumptions, stated that the blocking “was not aimed at any particular market.” This issue was dealt with by the interregional administration, the purpose of which is to prevent illegal shipments of smartphones and to protect users.

Xiaomi’s policy does not allow its products to be exported to countries and regions where the company is not officially present. However, according to media reports cited by the Global Times, the gray market has been expanding in recent years and people quite often buy devices in one region and use them in another.

In early August, research firm Counterpoint reported that Xiaomi surpassed Samsung and Apple in sales in June, making it the world’s number one smartphone brand for the first time. Thus, the share of the company’s global sales amounted to 17.1%. At the same time, Samsung accounted for 15.7%, and Apple – 14.3%.



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