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The bibist spin of the last few days (apart from the ridiculous “economic plan” presented by Benjamin Netanyahu this week) focuses on the security issue. It used to be Netanyahu’s forte. He was “Mr. Security”. This bluff meanwhile exploded with 13,000 rockets, 50,000 burned acres in the Gaza Strip, the first rockets in history on Israel’s capital and a parade of flags that spread everywhere. But hey, you can always convince the guys that without Bibi all that will be left here is a dunam here, a dunam there and a few orange trees.

Netanyahu at the commission of inquiry into the Miron disaster: “Can’t take responsibility for what I don’t know” (Photo: AP)

According to this spin, in the negotiations with Lebanon on the economic waters, Israel intends to give up everything, to hand over the Yitzchak Tshuva To Nasrallah, return the gas to Hezbollah and fold in shame. In the south, it is even better: “The south will be besieged for three days because of some thugs of the Islamic Jihad!”, they shout, “It was not like this that Israel bends down in front of a Kikioni terrorist organization and shuts thousands of people in their homes, this is really surrendering to terrorism!!”. Needless to say, this is a collection of far-fetched fakes, like used incendiary balloons from last year.

The followers of the man who freed nearly 1,100 terrorists, 400 of whom were murderers, in a disgrace deal with Hamas, accuse others of surrendering to terrorism. Yanon Magal and myself on Thursday, on our program on Radio 103FM, brought up the Major in the Reserves Yaakov Amidror. It was Yanon’s request. I assume that he strove to amplify the fictional narrative about Israel’s shameful folding in all sectors, the surrender to terrorism, the relinquishment of strategic assets and the general failure.

Interception of Hezbollah aircraft that made their way to the Shark rig (photo: IDF spokesman)
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Amidror was Netanyahu’s national security advisor. A self-proclaimed rightist, a former religious Zionist, with a knitted cap, supported Netanyahu throughout most of the past years, even in publications related to the submarine affair. But, and here comes a big and significant but, Amidror is an honest man. He is also a statesman. Yes, I know that this phenomenon of personal honesty and statesmanship is disappearing from the world, probably some of its last remnants are embodied in Yaakov Amidror. Happens. Now pay attention to the live conversation between the three of us. I bring here the main points, as they were said.

Let’s start in the north, with the issue of Hezbollah: “Nasrallah is under unusual pressure, he has lost a significant part of his legitimacy in Lebanon,” said Amidror, “in Gaza there is more electricity per day than in Beirut. The country has completely deteriorated, there are no medicines in the pharmacies, the number of hungry people is large… everyone knows Nasrallah has a significant part in this mess. He is now trying to do the impossible. He understands that he has no choice and will not be able to delay the agreement again. He is trying to create a situation where he can say look, this agreement is good for Lebanon thanks to my threats.”

Yanon: The reports speak of Israel giving in to Lebanon’s demands!
Amidror: “In negotiations, both parties give. This is the meaning of the word. Israel is in a different situation than Lebanon. We extract gas from the Mediterranean Sea, the Lebanese are not there, our interests are not the same as theirs. We have interests in continuing the status quo, as long as we are not disturbed. The Lebanese interest is different, it is to enter… therefore, it is only natural that we say, what should be paid so that you do not disturb us… it is not a question of where the Israeli flag will be raised, it is an economic question, who will end up with more gas and more money.”
Yanon: So you are saying that Israel’s interest is only to be quiet?
Amidror: “Your definition is incorrect”.
Yanon: There are economic interests here versus territorial interests!
Amidror: “There is no territorial question here at all. This is not Jerusalem.”
Yanon: Of course there is, of course there is!
Amidror: “No, not true. There is no territorial question here, but only a question of interpretation of international law, that the line should go at an X angle from the beach to the sea and they say it should go at a Vai angle.”
Yanon: So yes it is about territory!!
Amidror: “No, we are not talking about territory, but economics. Territory is where the border of the State of Israel passes, there are maps, that’s clear, and we are fighting for it to the last meter. There are things that touch a historical debate, what is ours and what is not ours. Here, it is Only the way in which what is written in the maritime law is interpreted, and there are different interpretations here, as in many laws. There is no question of sovereignty here. In the end, the question is economic, because we want to maximize our profits from the sea.”

So it goes on and on. Yanon Magal tried to explain to those who were the commander of the Northern Command, the head of the research division of the AMN, the military secretary of the ministers of defense, the head of the National Security Council and the number 1 confidant of Benjamin Netanyahu For many years, that the negotiations with Lebanon are about territory. It didn’t help Amidror anything. Magal was locked. For him, “economic water” and the division of Jerusalem, that was it. This is about sovereignty! It ended like this: “The Lebanese,” said Amidror, ” want to reach an agreement just like us. The one who does not want to reach an agreement is Hezbollah. We want an agreement, the Lebanese want an agreement, Hezbollah does not want an agreement, there is no reason to help it.”

Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Olivier Fitosi, Flash 90)Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Olivier Fitosi, Flash 90)

I asked Amidror if the thesis I heard from decision makers and senior security officials (very) that Israel has a direct interest in Lebanon also having drilling rigs in this area is true. “We have a very great interest in the Lebanese having rigs in the sea, the more rigs they have, the more interest they will have that no one shoots at our rigs, because it will be clear what the reaction will be. So when you create a situation where both sides have a very similar loss at that point, for both sides There is no interest in harming these things, and we have a great interest in not being harmed by gas. We need to look and ask: Who doesn’t want the agreement? Hezbollah. We want it, the Lebanese want it. So let’s not help Hezbollah, let’s help ourselves, if we have to give up some Kilometers, so it’s necessary.”

Now I come to the first part of the interview, which dealt with what is happening in the Gaza Strip. “Do you think it’s reasonable that the south is closed and besieged for three days?” Magal asked. “The question is not whether it is reasonable in my eyes, but in the eyes of the professionals and the decision makers,” Amidror answered. A stately, proper, non-aggressive answer. The man, who spent four decades of his life doing security, knows exactly how it works. He knows that when the commander of the Gaza Division recommends to the commander of the Southern Command (Colonel Eliezer Toledano, who was Netanyahu’s military secretary), based on accurate intelligence, to close certain roads, he has excellent reasons. But, you guessed it, it didn’t convince Mr. Magal.

Yanon: OK, OK, but we are a sovereign country!
Amidror: “The decision-makers have the intelligence and the responsibility, which the three of us do not have. In the end, this is a very delicate balancing point, I know it well, because I was for over three years commander of the Northern Command during the period when Katyushas were fired at Israel. And you know that Katyushas are going to be fired and you ask yourself if you stop the roll or let life go on. You know what the price of a mistake is. You know what one anti-tank missile can do to a bus traveling on a route that you could have shut down at a not terrible cost to the residents. And then you have to explain to yourself and the residents what happened there. Therefore, the balance point should be left to the professionals, they have responsibility and they have intelligence. No. They don’t need our advice, some of them live there, most of them have spent many, many years of their lives there in various positions.” Yanon did not give in and returned to his “sovereign state” rant.
Amidror: “So what do you propose? In the end, we have to ask what the alternative is. To say that it’s not good, I also know. The alternative is to tell Jihad, you know what? We’ll wait for you in the corner. Fire one missile, we’ll blow your lives.”
Yanon: Right!!
Amidror: “Good, now imagine that they shoot this missile and ten children on the bus are killed. Is it worth paying the price, or is it not worth paying the price? After that we will blow their faces up and destroy Gaza. Is it worth paying the price or not?”

And here happened what made me bother you with this conversation: “Maybe so,” replied Yanon Magal. I ask myself, as someone who has been broadcasting with Magal for several years and thinks I know him. There are things in it that I really like (you can jump to me), and there are (many) things that I don’t. But in the end, he is an intelligent person, a patriot and even loves people (provided he is Jewish according to Halacha, of course). What made him blurt out the statement that there is a situation where the lives of ten Israeli children have to be paid for just to fuel a temporary phase of three days of difficulty on the routes of entry and exit from several settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu supporters outside the court (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Netanyahu supporters outside the court (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

The answer is simple: this is Bibism. This is the hypnotized cult, the kidnapped babies, the kidnapped gang. They lose all independent thought, they claim the remains of the spine, they destroy who and what they once were, in favor of that bibist “Trelol bubble” that draws innocent souls into it and spits them back out hypnotized. All I have left is to pray that one day they will come to their senses. I forgive them in retrospect for everything. Just let them return to independent thinking, to the casting of doubt, to the love of the kingdom and not the queen and the king.

Amidror did not give up the sickle: “I think differently than you,” he said, “it is right at certain moments to take precautions. No one in Gaza has any doubt who is stronger, they are still licking the wounds of the operation from a year ago.”
Yanon: With this method, every time there is an arrest of a senior member of the Yosh, the residents of the south will be besieged.
Amidror: “I don’t remember this happening in the last two years. It’s not every time. This is an unusual event, arrest whoever is responsible for the Islamic Jihad. We do this very rarely, and it’s happening now because the Jihad is under great pressure, because we took their leader from the house and we brought him to be interrogated by the Shin Bet. In the end this balance is very complex. Only when you sit inside, see all the material, live the lives of the residents, the commanders, some of them have served there for 20 years, in different positions, some of them live in Otef and the sensitivity is familiar to them, they understand the matter, in front of this they put the possibility that after all we will not be able to prevent the single missile fire and it will hit a bus killing five or twenty children, the question is whether it is worth paying the price. In their opinion no, I don’t think so either.”

I would, perhaps, accept Megel’s words if it was aboutAryeh Eldad, a true right-wing person, uncompromising, right-wing of an iron wall and not a fason wall made of Rahab’s speeches and statements. But the words were said by a follower of someone who folded in front of Gaza countless times. The one who said “yes” to all the cease-fire proposals at Eitan Cliff, even before the IDF threatened to take care of the tunnels (following pressure from Naftali Bennett). The man who promised to overthrow the Hamas regime in Gaza and instead transferred millions of dollars in cash to them every month. The man under whom fighters received The IDF in the north ordered to “shoot at the feet” of Hezbollah members who broke into Israeli territory and tried to storm the Gladiola outpost.

It’s on Google, go see it. The fear at the time was that the killing of the Hizbballooners would ignite the northern sector, so the IDF “detonated” them by shooting them in the legs, after they had crossed the fence and violated our sovereignty. So the followers of this leader, who is lax among Israel’s leaders for generations, are now preaching morals. Ya’akov Amidror Nigev With them the floor, and then also the panels.

From Ben Caspit’s full column published in “Maariv SofaShavuot”


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