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Almost five hundred members of the Russian liberal Yabloko party have been deprived of their membership cards following the re-registration of the Moscow branch of the party, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Tuesday, November 23, citing sources. 488 members of the Moscow branch of Yabloko were removed from the register. They have the opportunity to appeal this decision.

According to one of Kommersant’s interlocutors, a dispute arose in the Moscow branch of Yabloko over 18 party members, including Yelena Rusakova, head of the Moscow Gagarinsky district. She told the We Can Explain Telegram channel that she was denied re-registration. The head of the Ramenki municipal district Maxim Gongalsky also said this. In total, according to the channel, Yabloko did not register about 15 Moscow municipal deputies.

The “Stalinist scale” of exceptions

Andrey Morev, a member of Yabloko’s Moscow bureau, head of the Yakimanka municipal district, Andrei Morev, said that during the re-registration 237 people were registered and another 202 were deregistered, with the right to appeal this decision. According to Morev, those party members who did not submit the documents necessary for re-registration on time left the regional branch.

Meanwhile, Maxim Gongalsky, in a conversation with Kommersant, called the scale of the exceptions “truly Stalinist.” Another interlocutor of the publication said that “judging by the names sounded, most of the assets will be excluded.”

Ivan Bolshakov, deputy chairman of Yabloko, said that no one was formally expelled from the party. According to him, those who left the party were announced “those who did not get in touch, did not confirm their membership and did not write a statement that they even want to remain an unregistered party member.”

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