Yair Golan attacked Oded Forer for removing the butter from supervision – this is his reaction

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Minister of Agriculture Oded Forer Talked today (Wednesday) with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money” on 103FM, and commented on the abolition of control over butter prices: To see promotions on butter today, something that was not the case before. “

“The professional sources’ recommendations also said that there is no room for price controls anymore and once the market is open for import competition it is the one that should balance the price. We will see some price volatility in the coming months, we watched it, but eventually the price will go down. To create value for the consumer, both of a selection of products and of a fair price, “he explained.

When asked why butter, Forer replied: “Butter in many ways is a by-product of dairy production. There are all kinds of market management issues here. A planned market is a market where the government controls quantities, price, regulates producers – it has proven to be a failure. He is diligent in any past attempt by countries to manage their economies. “

“I believe that reality has proven this in recent decades – the less involved the country, the better the market knows how to run. My job is to ensure that there is competition. The failure here was that we found ourselves in a market with a shortage of butter. Buying butter – unlikely, “he continued.

In his remarks, Forer referred to the statements of MK Yair Golan (Meretz) who claimed that “farmers and consumers will know that the Minister of Agriculture prefers the good of the tycoons over their own good.” “This is his worldview and I look at the good of the consumer. I know his worldview but I think in this matter he is very wrong, “Forer said.

“Reality has proven it. There have been countries that have tried to run their entire economy, there are one or two more in the world and I really would not want to be like them. When a particular ministry sets the butter prices and tells the dairy how much milk to produce – it “It’s the latest in the chain and produces other tycoons. It’s districts that should not be visited. Whoever needs to determine is solely the consumer, he will determine according to what he sees on the shelves. On the shelves I have to make sure there is a wide selection and competition that produces low price,” he added.

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Asked if the criticism would create tension in the coalition, the Minister of Agriculture replied: “This will not be a coalition debate. My commitment is first and foremost to the citizens of Israel. There will be no healthy agriculture here when a state runs it. What happens is the state runs something because the business goes backwards An investor and not a fighter. “

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Shani Romano, 103FM


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