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Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who twice organized a trip to Moscow, was detained in Yekaterinburg and placed in a psychiatric hospital. This was announced on Sunday, November 7, by TASS, citing a law enforcement source.

“He was detained in Yekaterinburg and placed in a mental hospital,” TASS quotes its interlocutor. He did not elaborate on how and why Gabyshev ended up in Yekaterinburg. The head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region, Valery Gorelykh, promised to comment on the information later.

According to Olga Timofeeva, Gabysheva’s lawyer, she did not receive any information about the detention of her client. According to her, Gabyshev was not discharged from a medical facility in Novosibirsk, where he had been forcibly placed earlier.

The shaman wanted to “expel Putin” and “restore justice”

Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev gained wide popularity after in March 2019, together with like-minded people, he went on foot to Moscow to “expel Putin” and “restore justice.” A few months later he was detained and sent directly from the police to a neuropsychiatric dispensary. The Federal Security Service opened a criminal case against him on public incitement to extremism, but no charges were filed. The shaman was later released from the medical facility.

In December 2019, Gabyshev went to Moscow for the second time, but was detained and accused of disobeying the police. In 2020, the shaman spent two months on compulsory treatment at the Yakut Republican Psychiatric Dispensary, from where he was discharged in mid-July.

In early 2021, Gabyshev announced his intention to make a new trip to Moscow, which was supposed to start in March. After that, he did not show up for another appointment at the dispensary. The police officers, together with the doctors, came to him to forcibly take him to the mental hospital. The operation involved 50 police officers.

In February, the Yakutsk city court satisfied the claim of a local medical institution for compulsory treatment of Gabyshev. The dispensary’s demand was justified by the fact that the shaman “again began to make loud statements in the media.” In the last word, Gabyshev called his criminal case political. In March, an examination carried out in the Yakut dispensary declared the shaman insane. And in July, the Yakutsk city court sent him to compulsory treatment in a criminal case on the use of force against an employee of the Russian Guard. At the end of September, Gabyshev was admitted to the Novosibirsk psychiatric hospital of a specialized type with intensive supervision.

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