Yam Madar scored 6 points in a partisan victory, 6 also for the stick

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Yam Madar (Belgrade Partisan’s Official Website)

Tonight (Wednesday) the sixth round of the Eurocup was played in which the legionnaires took part, Yam Madar with his team Partizan Belgrade, who defeated the injured Tomer Ginat’s team at home, to Bloa Paris, and Gal Makal, who together with Andorra defeated Turk Telecom 75:98.

Six points, six assists and two rebounds were recorded by the Israeli partisan guard, who, following the victory, is in second place in House 1 with a 1: 5 balance, and will meet the next round the Polish Schlesk and Wroclaw.

The injury of Tomer Ginat (Lilach Weiss)The injury of Tomer Ginat (Lilach Weiss)

Stick also scored six points, brought down two rebounds and delivered three assists in 17 minutes during his team’s victory, which is in fourth place in House 1 with a 2: 4 balance and will face Lithuanian Lightkablis in the next round.

Gal Makal (Andorra Official Website)Gal Makal (Andorra Official Website)


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