“Yandex” revealed internal violations after code leak

“Yandex” revealed internal violations after code leak

“Yandex” said that during the investigation of the leak of the source code of the services that occurred on January 25, the company’s specialists revealed serious violations of internal policy. One reportedly involved a grocery ordering service that manually set up recommendations for any product without being flagged as an ad. It was also found that for certain groups of users of taxi and food ordering services, priority support was in effect.

The release of the company says that certain parts of the code contained words that are offensive to some people – including on a national basis.

“Yandex is resuming work on the formation of standards and principles of technoethics,” the company said.

The company previously said that as part of this process, it will not help find people from photographs, as this violates their security. In addition, a project was closed to assess potential borrowers of credit institutions.


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