Yashika who came to open the shop with a limb .. Photos that went viral after the accident

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Yashika Anand starred in the 2017 film Dark Room Brutal Punch. Vijay then competed on Bigg Boss Season 2 on TV. Yashika Anand became very famous through the Big Boss show.

Yashika Anand was very busy acting in films like Do Duty, Uthman, Rajabheema, Pambattam. He left for Pondicherry with his friends last July and returned to Chennai near Mamallapuram
The car overturned in the Soolerikadu area.

A friend of Yashika’s died at the scene. He was admitted to Yashika Hospital and treated. Yashika Anand is now fully recovered after four months of treatment.

yashika anand

Yashika Anand has come to the shop opening ceremony for the first time after the accident with a cane. Yashika has come to the show holding a walking stick. Her fans have been congratulating Yashika for giving the comeback again.

yashika anand

yashika anand

Yashika posted photos of the event on her Instagram page. In it he recorded that I survived because the fire that burned inside me was much brighter than the fire that burned around me. Thus Yashika is no longer expected to be interested in acting in movies.



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