Yellin Lapidot will not raise management fees in the funds at least until the end of 2022 – at least

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Assaf Eldar, CEO of Yellin Lapidot Mutual Funds, stated that: “The fund industry in general and Willin Lapidot in particular, have registered good fundraising in recent months and we see great importance, even and especially in such periods to give our clients a long-term horizon, certainty and full transparency regarding management fees. End of 2022, There is also an important element of saying thank you to customers And to the investment advisers on the expression of trust. ”

The announcement comes after the previous month Yellin Lapidot’s study funds showed the highest returns for October, which shared first place with







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And showed a return of about 2.9% on the funds managed by it. Even from the beginning of the year and over a period of 3 years it is above the average yields – but not over a period of 5 years.

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