“Yellow Flowers” ​​viral on networks: what is their meaning and why are they given as gifts this #21Sep

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2023-09-21 18:00:36

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September 21 2023, 12:00 pm
What do the “Yellow Flowers” ​​that are given this September 21 mean? History, images and more

TikTok has made a new trend viral and young people are no strangers to it. In the first days of September, users have posted videos with yellow flowers or related to them, but what is the story behind yellow flowers? In some of these viral videos, it is the women who request that they be given flowers of this specific color. Therefore, on this occasion we tell you the meaning, origin and why they are given as gifts every September 21.

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The origin of this trend is related to the song “Yellow Flowers”, which sets the music to the Argentine novel “Floricienta”, which is about a young woman who works as a nanny in a house that belongs to the Fritzenwalde family, located in Florence. The story of the novel shows the eldest son of the family, Federico, taking care of his siblings after their parents die. Over time, Federico and Floricienta begin a romantic relationship.

Now, the TikTok trend refers to the fact that the song “Yellow Flowers” ​​has a paragraph that tells how “Floricienta” has had a dream since she was little of being given yellow flowers. Due to this, the production of the novel and its thousands of followers were responsible for making its story trend. This new viral is aimed at romantic couples, who must give each other yellow flowers in order to express their love for each other and fulfill the dream of “Floricienta”.

Learn what the meaning of giving yellow flowers is this September 21 | Photo: Internet


According to the newspaper As, social media users have two different meanings regarding yellow flowers:

1.- Giving yellow flowers takes on a meaning of love, a life together, and many other characteristics that are related to the lyrics of the “Floricienta” song.

2.- The color yellow corresponds to the ties of friendship, the recognition of personal and professional achievements and is even related to people’s happiness and the celebration of living every day.

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