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Produced by – Griggs Cine Creations
Directed by Vetrichelvan
Music – Sam CS
Starring – Jai, Atulya Ravi, Anjali Nair
Release Date – 4th August 2022
Time – 2 Hours 28 Minutes
Rating – 2.5/5

It’s like thriller season in Tamil cinema now. Thriller films are coming every week. This film is also a thriller film. The film starts in America and ends in Chennai.

Director Vethichelvan has tried to create an expectation in the beginning and then create some excitement and end the film with many twists and turns. The story is hectic at some places and a bit slow at some places. However, some key twists save the film.

Jai and Atulya Ravi are lovers. Atulya goes into a minister’s surrogate jewelery shop to buy a piece of jewellery. At that time, the masked robbers who come there rob the diamond worth 2000 crores and kill some people including Atulya and leave. Jay seeks revenge on those who killed his girlfriend. The rest of the story of the film is whether he finds the robbers and takes revenge.

Although the film begins with a diamond robbery, it turns into a romantic film after that. The director is taking a lot of time to tell about the romance between Jai and Atulya. Then comes the thriller story. The director has moved the screenplay as on one side the minister gives away 2000 crores of diamonds belonging to him, on the other side the bandit led by Vamsi is struggling to find the looted diamond, Suresh from America who asked Vamsi to do this job threatens him, on the other hand Jai is trying to take revenge for having robbed his girlfriend.

Jai as a lover who seeks revenge on those who killed his girlfriend. He has turned into a complete action hero. He makes the fight scenes sizzling. Jai quickly investigates before the police can investigate. The director makes the protagonist do whatever he does in a thriller.

Atulya Ravi as Jai’s girlfriend. Tasmac is a fighter against shops. Atulya falls in love with Jai during college and Jai rejects him. But after four years Jai realizes his mistake and chases Atulya away and falls in love. Atulya comes only for a short time. And when are you going to say the pronunciation ‘়’ correctly?.

Anjali Nair as the robber who survives the robbery of a jeweller’s shop, Sunil as the minister who takes away his diamonds, Vidya Pradeep as his love interest, Vamsi as the jewel robber are all fine.

Sam CS background music is the same in many places. He makes one wonder if he composed the music for ‘Vikram Veda’.

The director, who thought of a wonderful title as ‘Ennith Shwataka’, has made an effort to give a wonderful film and has succeeded to some extent. It would have been an admirable thriller if it had avoided a few flaws.

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