“Yes to co-administration with influenza vaccine”

Vaccinate yourself to protect others“This is the concept I second Roberto Ieraci, infectious disease specialist and scientific referent for ASL Roma 1 vaccinations and vaccination strategies of the Lazio Region, must be understood and assimilated by the population. “Not only a medical act, but also a social act – underlines the doctor – an exchange of protection between generations”. And a very important role, in this sense, is played by the flu vaccine. “With about 14 million people over 65 in our country – underlines Ieraci – developing effective prevention strategies to protect them from influenza viruses must be a public health priority, also in light of the possible co-circulation, next season, of influenza viruses and Sars-Cov-2 “.

“The flu vaccine – explains the infectious disease specialist – plays a very important role during this pandemic because reducing the number of people with the flu obviously facilitates the diagnosis of Covid” e preventing cases of serious illness leading to hospitalization, the pressure on the already heavily tried health system is relieved.

If the Covid vaccination campaign is extended into next autumn, the problem will arise co-administration of the flu vaccine. “The indications of the WHO clearly state that the co-administration cannot be done, but there is a precautionary interval of about 14 days. However, these indications can be modified because – underlines Ieraci – as also the communications of the CDC in Atlanta state, the advantages of co-administration outweigh any very rare disadvantages, this co-administration can be and must be done “.

Influenza, with adjuvanted vaccines more protection for over 65s


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