“Yeshivat Chumash should be left”

Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai (Labor) participated this weekend in a cultural event hosted by journalist Liat Regev, during which he referred to a statement by Deputy Minister Yair Golan who called the Chumash members ‘sub-human’. In his remarks, Minister Shai surprised Regev and the participants that in his opinion the yeshiva should be left in the locality of Chumash and he also said this to Rabbi Mordechai Dimentman, the father of Yehuda the 14th.

“He told about his family,” said Minister Nachman Shai about his conversation with Rabbi Mordechai Dimentman. “He says that everyone is spread all over the country, from Maalot in the north to the south, including in Judea and Samaria. But the son was not a subhuman, he was a guy whose mother was on his way. The Chumash should be vacated, the yeshiva should be left.

Regarding the statement of Deputy Minister Golan, Minister Shai said that “when I was frustrated with the father and saw the great pain and the environment around them, they are not subhumans. Absolutely not. They are people who believe in their way, they believe they settle the Land of Israel, And they are also Jews. “

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, who is currently holding a protest tent in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, responded to Minister Shai’s remarks, saying, “I am also happy that the Labor Party understands that murder is not rewarded. “Certainly not as a reward for terrorism. Yeshivat Chumash must remain in place and continue to spread Torah throughout Samaria and the whole of Israel. This is the true Zionist answer to terrorism.”

As mentioned, Dagan is currently in a protest encampment he set up in front of the Prime Minister’s Office in protest of the intention to evacuate Chumash, as well as following the wave of terror in Samaria. Tomorrow, the residents of Samaria will come to demonstrate in front of the cabinet meeting as part of the council’s struggle, and on Thursday there will be a large demonstration in Jerusalem.

MK Nachman Shai (Photo: Knesset website)



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