Yoga, new covid vaccine, excess mortality, fatty liver disease & absenteeism

Yoga, new covid vaccine, excess mortality, fatty liver disease & absenteeism

Every Friday you can contact us for a weekly overview in which we briefly look back at the most striking, interesting or most important news items per working day. This week, yoga, a new covid vaccine, excess mortality, fatty liver and absenteeism were in the news, among other things. In this weekly overview the most important events of this week.

Monday: ‘Happy with yoga: ‘With yoga you can go as deep as you want. You work on your body, breathing, nervous system and mind. When you go deeper you come into contact with spirituality’

INTERVIEW – Happy with Yoga is one of the leading yoga platforms in the Netherlands. The platform was founded by Rolf and Melanie van Baalen. With the platform, they want to make a positive contribution to people’s happiness and health. Together they teach countless forms of yoga. Rolf is also an instructor of the Wim Hof ​​method. To find out more about this, the National Care Guide talked to Rolf van Baalen.

Tuesday: New COVID-19 vaccine may give broader and longer-lasting immunity

A new COVID-19 vaccine based on a different mechanism of action than the current vaccines on the market has been tested in humans for the first time by researchers at Radboudumc. Administration of this vaccine in healthy volunteers was well tolerated and resulted in a good immune response.

Wednesday: A lot of excess mortality in 2022, mainly due to flu and covid

Last year, more people died than expected in every age group. Important causes were the flu and corona. The excess mortality was slightly lower than in 2020 and 2021, when this number of deaths was mainly due to covid-19.

Thursday: Fifteen minutes more exercise may help prevent fatty liver disease

Fifteen minutes of extra exercise a day may help prevent fatty liver disease, new research shows. Fatty liver occurs in 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands and goes hand in hand with obesity.

Friday: Sickness absence in healthcare in 2022 higher than ever

The absenteeism percentage in healthcare was higher than ever last year, reports Vernet, which collects healthcare absenteeism figures. In 2022, absenteeism was more than 8 percent. A year earlier, that percentage was still over 7 percent.

By: Nationale Zorggids / Æde de Jong


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