Yorgos Lanthimos wins the Golden Lion for ‘Poor Creatures’, a feminist Frankenstein about sexual freedom

Yorgos Lanthimos wins the Golden Lion for ‘Poor Creatures’, a feminist Frankenstein about sexual freedom

2023-09-09 20:24:51

He was the favorite in all bets and has not failed. The Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos has achieved his first Golden Lion for poor creatures, her adaptation of Alasdair Gray’s novel in which she revisits the myth of Frankenstein from a feminist perspective. Here the monster is an imposing Emma Stone, a woman who has been put with the brain of a baby in the body of a young woman. Her adaptation to the norms of the world, when she is not governed by any social convention, is the mechanism that allows Lanthimos to propose a critique of taboos, established norms and unleash a perverse tale about female sexual liberation and the violence they suffer. women.

Marina Alberti, granddaughter of the poet, vindicates memory (intimate and historical) in a love letter to her mother and grandmother


Lanthimos already touched the jackpot at the Venice Film Festival in 2018, when he settled for second prize for The favourite before the sung victory of Roma. This time he has left his rivals no choice and since his presentation on the first day he positioned himself as the rival to beat. poor creatures She goes straight to the Oscars and Emma Stone towards her second statuette. It is ironic that in an edition marked by the strike of scriptwriters and performers, a film produced by a major has won and that has not been able to bring its stars.

The second most important prize, the Silver Lion, Grand Jury Prize, confirmed Riusuke Hamaguchi as the director of the moment. The Japanese director conquered everyone at Cannes with Drive my carand although it did not win the Palme d’Or, it went on to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with nominations in the most important categories along the way (Film, direction and adapted screenplay).

Since then everyone had been wondering what his next project would be, and when the Venice Film Festival announced its official section everyone was surprised to hear Hamaguchi’s name on the list. Nobody knew that he had made another film. As happened in Cannes, Hamaguchi has once again missed the jackpot, but no one doubts that he is one of the great auteurs of cinema of the moment and in Evil does not exist once again shows his special perspective and unique poetics to tell a story about gentrification, with a town that suffers the arrival of a construction company. glamping (luxury camping) that threatens to destroy their way of life and their resources.

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A slap to Europe

If there has been a subject that has focused the Official Selection of Venice -besides the strike of interpreters and scriptwriters in Hollywood- that has been immigration. Two films came as two open slaps to shame Europe for its immigration policies. Both won awards in a list of honors that vindicates political cinema, although not with its highest award. The Silver Lion for Best Director went to Matteo Garrone for I Captain, the odyssey of an immigrant from Senegal to Italy told with intelligence, the exact distance, avoiding dramatic excesses and with a lot of humanity. The film also won the Marcello Mastroianni award for best young performance for Seydou Sarr, wonderful in the film, who could hardly speak due to tears and emotion. The final shot of him in Garrone’s film is well worth this award.

The other movie was Green Border, of a mythical figure of European cinema like Agniezska Holland. The director of Europe, Europe brought the most forceful film on a political level to the Mostra and won the Special Jury Prize. A devastating look at the situation on the so-called green border between Poland and Belarus, where migrants are thrown from one country to another, as if they were objects and not human beings. A film shot clandestinely and for which the Polish government has accused the Polish government of making propaganda. The director already pulled the ears the day of the presentation of her film to European cinema due to her lack of commitment, and now she has done the same with European politicians. “These people are deprived of their human rights, of their dignity, and some lose their lives in Europe, and not because we don’t have the resources, but because we don’t want to,” he said, dedicating his award to the activists who work to help in these situations.

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The Chilean Pablo Larraín won the award for best script – along with Guillermo Calderón – for his satire against Pinochet Count, where he presents the dictator as a vampire who refuses to die and who continues to suck the blood and eat the hearts of Chileans. A look full of bad temper, hilarious moments and a very clear message that the director highlighted in his only phrase in Spanish on stage: “No to impunity.” Count is a film that from the genre advocates the importance of Historical Memory, especially in countries like Chile or Spain, where dictators died in bed without being judged, which gave them impunity and a halo of eternity whose consequences are noticeable. currently.

Hollywood and actors

Hollywood emerged as the great winner of the night, since it not only won the Golden Lion, but the two acting awards went to an actor and an actress from two films spoken in English. Of course, they were for two independent productions that obtained the exemption of the unions to be able to present their films since they complied with the norms requested in the negotiations. Peter Sarsgaard’s is unbeatable. Although Jessica Chastain has the most ‘awardable’ role of Memory, The film in which they both star, directed by Michel Franco, is their portrait of a person with premature dementia, which is elevated by the luminosity and humanity with which it is endowed. There is no misery, but hope. A composition from the containment that the Volpi Cup deserves.

Sarsgaard was the only one who spoke about the strike at the closing ceremony and showed his fears if this situation is not resolved. He took aim at wages and highlighted the problem with artificial intelligence. “I think we could all agree that an actor is a person and a writer is a person. But it seems not, and that’s scary because this work we do is about human connection. And with what’s happening, this space between us, this sacrament, this experience of being human will be handed over to the machines and the eight billionaires who own them. If we lose that battle, our industry will be the first of many to fall, including perhaps the way we treat medical patients to the way we wage wars. Disconnection paves the way for atrocities.”

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The young Cailee Spaeny did not get wet, winning a surprising female acting award for her performance in Priscilla. It was not in any pool, and speculation suggests that this award had the name of Emma Stone, who could have been deprived of her second Volpi Cup after the award rules – the Golden Lion cannot win any other award. the one achieved by La La Land. The dark side of Elvis brought by Sofia Coppola is satisfied with this award despite being one of the surprises of the show. One of the most daring and surprising films of this 80th edition fared worse, The bete, by Bertrand Bonello, which left empty-handed in an edition marked by the strike but which has left a feeling of more than a good harvest.

Golden Lion: poor creatures, de Yorgos Lanthimos

Silver Lion, Grand Jury Prize: Evil does not exist, de Riusuke Hamaguchi

Silver Lion for Best Director: Matteo Garrone, por I am Captain

Best Screenplay Award: Guillermo Calderón and Pablo Larrain, for Count

Special Jury Prize: Green Borderthe Agniezska Holland

Volpi Cup for Best Actress: Cailee Spaeny, by Priscilla

Volpi Cup for Best Actor: Peter Sarsgaard, por Memory

Marcello Mastroianni Award: Seydou Sarr, by I am Captain

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