You bought a device from the Xiaomi 13 series and the eSIM does not appear? – This is the solution!

You bought a device from the Xiaomi 13 series and the eSIM does not appear?  – This is the solution!

series Xiaomi 13 was launched in Israel by the official importer Hamilton (also reviewed here on the website) and we immediately started receiving questions about the capabilities of the e.g of the devices in series. In light of the great interest and in light of the complexity of the subject, we decided to update how exactly to activate the eSIM in the Xiaomi 13 series. Everything stated here refers to the three devices that were launched from the series in Israel: Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Lite.

Initial explanation

Before we start we need a little explanation. All Xiaomi 13 series come with support for two nano SIM cards (plastic) or one nano card and a second eSIM card. In order for the eSIM to work in Israel, the importer must bring the devices to the cellular operators before the launch, in order for them to insert them into their eSIM system. In Israel, each operator has a different eSIM system, so the importer must make sure that the operator will receive the devices and make adjustments for the eSIM to work. This process takes time, too much time for our taste and we are sure for the taste of the importer as well.

Source: Xiaomi

Now we are sure you will immediately ask “After all, eSIM is not active in Israel except for smart watches, so why do we need the activity?“. That’s a good question! The operators must support the devices and the eSIM technology inside them, even if in Israel they still do not market packages for the use of eSIM. In practice, the eSIM system is probably already ready for operation in Israel and the operators are probably deliberately delaying the activation of the technology, for their own reasons, probably sales and money considerations. A lot of “probably” because we have to qualify things because this information is not confirmed by the cellular operators in Israel but according to “informed sources”. Today, when you contact the operators to find out what the status of the eSIM is, they reply to buyers in the style of “we are still working on it and the issue is under testing”

What is the situation now?

Today, when you purchase one of the devices in the Xiaomi 13 series and in the initial setting you set the region to “Israel” (probably), the eSIM options will not appear in the cellular network menus. This is because the cellular operators in Israel have not yet completed their tests and approvals on the subject. According to the importer, it will take some more time (hopefully not long) and after the completion of the approvals it will appear in the menus in a normal way.

What to do?

The solution is simple: go to the region settings of the device and move the device to the region of a country in Europe that Xiaomi supports eSIM, France for example. After you transfer the device to France, the menus related to the eSIM will appear and you can install it. At the end of the installation, you can move the device back to the Israel region and everything will remain active and the eSIM menus will appear to you normally.

It is important to make sure

On Xiaomi’s website you can find a list published by the company with all the operators that support eSIM. In any case, check with the cellular operator that it does support eSIM in the new Xiaomi devices before purchasing an eSIM package.



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