You could get paid $ 8,500 – and donuts – to watch the “Simpsons”

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Are you a fan of the “Simpsons”? Well! The following offer may be for you!

A UK casino is looking for an “analyst” to watch all episodes of the show’s 33 seasons with the goal of predicting the future and “seeing what 2022 has in store.”

The chosen person will help the organization investigate the “well-known phenomenon that the Simpsons predicted major life events,” read the casino website.

Among these “predictions” that have come true are the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2013 horse meat scandal and the fuel shortage in the United Kingdom, among others.

In exchange, the Platin Casino offers a salary of approximately $ 8,500 CAD and nearly $ 130 CAD to cover the expenses related to the subscription to the Disney + platform and the internet connection.

In addition, the successful candidate will receive a box of donuts each week to enhance their work. “A job benefit which we believe would be appreciated by Homer Simpson himself!” praises the company.

But the task will not be easy. The organization estimates that a minimum of 35.5 hours of work will be required each week to view the 284 hours of the show, as well as the film.

“During each episode, the professional will be invited to take notes on remarkable scenarios to let us know about the predictions,” one writes in the job posting.

“We will then compile the events into a list of future predictions with a probability that each will occur,” it adds.

Those interested should be 18 years of age and over, be fluent in English, have strong writing skills and of course a love for The Simpsons is ‘desirable’. The contract is for eight weeks.

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It is possible to apply online on the casino website.


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