“You feel the pressure tightening on your neck”

The decisive stages of “Master Chef” are coming in giant steps and with them the pressure on the contestants increases. Sivan Barik, who managed to get through the last stage thanks to her and Yaniv’s successful corruption, talked about her feelings as she progresses in the program and which task she most connected with so far

After Sara Lea Malka was eliminated from the show, the level of difficulty only keeps increasing, and when the final stages seem closer than ever, the pressure increases even more. Sivan Barik, who was saved from the last elimination, after going up to the balcony thanks to her and Yaniv Shahar’s corrupt dish, came to “Galit Vailanit” and shared her feelings for the decisive moments of the program.

“When I started and Eyal Shani said I would make it to the finals, I just made sure not to be the first eliminated. With each episode that has passed since then, my desire to prove and renew is only great,” she added, “We are constantly getting smaller, and every elimination task is against great contestants, and suddenly you feel the pressure tightening You go by the neck and it’s hard. You have to prove yourself. I remember in the first episodes I would come home and say to my husband: ‘I feel like I’m not there yet, I can’t bring myself’, but now I’m starting to enjoy the show and I take it as a good experience “.

Do you feel that being a vegetarian makes it difficult for you in the competition?
“I’m admittedly a vegetarian, but I cook meat at home for my husband and family, it’s difficult because I can’t taste exactly what I’m cooking, but I do taste the surroundings. I also know how meat should arrive and what the degree of preparation is and I try very hard to be precise and include it to my tastes”.

Which task did you like best?
“The task I liked the most was the leftovers task. It made me get out of the box and out of my comfort zone and just deal with what’s available. I really like opening the fridge at home and thinking about what to do, and I went to a place I really like, which is pasta and Italian cuisine.”

Zucchini pasta dish from Sivan | Photo: from “Master Chef”, Keshet 12

You program every day, have you thought of making a change following the program?
“Food has always been my main characteristic for those around me, but I constantly combine food and work, I prepare dishes for the office and for the people around me. In any case, I don’t rule anything out and I really enjoy both worlds.”


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