“You give brief remarks”: US President Biden documented holding “Page …

The U.S. president has been documented as holding an instruction sheet prepared for him by his staff • “Thank you to the participants”; “You give brief remarks,” read the page the president held • Documentation went viral after Republican sources circulated it on social media • According to a February poll, 54 percent of Americans think 79-year-old Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president


U.S. President Joe Biden reveals a note of guidance | Photo: Section 27A of the Copyright Law

Embarrassing documentation: U.S. President Joe Biden has been documented holding in his hands an “instruction sheet” prepared for him by his staff members. Another instruction observed on the page held by the president was “enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to the participants.”

The guidelines page was documented during a speech Biden gave on Thursday as part of a meeting with senior figures in the wind energy industry. The purpose of the comments seems to be to carefully plan the president’s remarks and how he conducts himself. Thus, for example, the comment “The press is coming” appears, followed immediately by the comment “You give short comments (two minutes)”.

Below the president’s instruction sheet reads “The press is coming out,” followed by “You ask a question to Liz Schuler, AFL-CIO president.” The comments also stated that Schuller joins the conversation virtually as well as “you thank the participants” and “you are leaving”.

54% of Americans think that Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president

Republican and conservative U.S. officials shared on social media the president’s photos with the instruction sheet, which soon went viral.

At the first press conference held as president last year, Biden was seen holding a page of instructions that included profile photos of the journalists present at the venue, as well as statistics on the Infrastructure Act. Also in March, the president was recorded holding a page of instructions that included his comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a February ABC and Washington Post poll, 54 percent of Americans said they lacked the “mental acuity needed to effectively run for president.” A few months ago 38 Republicans even demanded that Biden pass a cognitive and mental test and publish his results publicly.


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