“You have proved that you are a Super Star” – Rajini’s unfading crown and Vijay’s desire! | Controversies about ‘Super Star’ crown and Vijay fans | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

“You have proved that you are a Super Star” – Rajini’s unfading crown and Vijay’s desire! | Controversies about ‘Super Star’ crown and Vijay fans | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

Superstar title and ongoing debate

The debate surrounding the title of superstar has been raging lately. Many people are saying that Vijay is the current superstar.

Viral fire video!

Dhan Thi is a 1981 movie starring Rajinikanth. Thee is the most stylized gangster film in Rajini’s film career like Billa. Rajini has captivated everyone with his realistic and stylish acting. It has been 41 years since the release of Thee, and his fans are celebrating it on social media.

In particular, fans are sharing the dialogue spoken by actor and producer Balaji in Deep. When Rajini was growing up as a don in the movie Thee, after an important scene, he said, “You have fooled a superstar, this chair is yours from today.” Many people who shared the video said, “This line in the movie Thee. If you consider this only as a line for the film, then it is yours.” “Wrong”, they say.

Rajini refused to accept the title of superstar!

Rajinikanth rose to superstardom in the 1978 film Bhairavi, who appeared in a cameo role in Aapurva Ragan. But Rajinikanth didn’t want the title of superstar at first. He refused to accept it. Producer Thanu had talked about this in detail in an interview. Because Thanu was the Chennai regional distributor of Bhairavi. Rajini himself was shocked to see the quality promotions done by Thanu posters that day. He also praised Thanu. But he didn’t want the title of superstar.

In the interview given by Thanu in this regard, “Bhairavi film producer Kalaignanam and director M. Bhaskar both came to see me one day. They said, “Rajini has sent us to see you. When there are senior artists like MGR and Sivajiganesan, Rajini doesn’t want to be called a superstar. He told us to stop advertising like that.” They started shouting “Superstar.” So, I took the liberty of promoting “Greatest Superstar” Rajinikanth-starrer Bhairavi.

The world’s only superstar – Shahrukh Khan in action

Many Indian actors have strongly expressed their opinion that Rajinikanth is a superstar. In that line, he posted his opinion as a poison for Shah, who is becoming the Pasha of Bollywood. It was a promotional event for Chennai Express. In that interview, Deepika Padukone was asked, “You have acted with two superstars, Gochadayayan and Chennai Express. Who do you think is the best in the way you have worked?” asked the reporters.

Deepika hesitated a bit, but Shah Rukh Khan, who came immediately, took the mike and replied, “Deepika can’t answer this question. I tell myself. There is only one superstar in the world. He is Rajini sir. Everyone knows this. I am surprised to see Rajini sir’s fans in Japan.”


Does Vijay have a desire to become a superstar?

It was during the promotional events of Vaaris that the debate regarding the title of Superstar became heated. At the music launch, Sarathkumar pointed to Surya Vamsam and said that Vijay is a superstar. Naam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman has also been continuously voicing his support for Vijay. However, not only Rajini fans but also many people are replying that Rajini is the superstar.

But the thing that needs to be noticed in this matter is why actor Vijay has not expressed any opinion about it while many people are saying that he is a superstar. It seems that Vijay is also enjoying it. He is not wrong in thinking that Tamil cinema is number 1 in terms of collections.


If Vijay did this, wouldn’t it be worth it!

Senior actor Rajinikanth has never lost his income even today. No track changes like Amitabh. Rajini’s films are still thronged on the first day. Even though Viswasam had great success, Petta compensated for it. If he is in the field like that, Vijay may be patient for some time.

If a Vijay voluntarily came forward and said ‘No one should call me a superstar when Rajini is in the field’, wouldn’t his respect for him increase manifold? Why does Vijay fail to do this?


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