“You have to compensate me”: Shakira was accused of plagiarism again after her new song “El Jefe”

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2023-09-27 01:37:19

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September 26 2023, 7:37 pm
Miriam Saavedra.

Throughout her musical career, Colombian Shakira has been accused of plagiarism more than once. This time the Peruvian actress based in Spain, Miriam Saavedra, launched a strong revelation during the live broadcast of the program ‘Fiesta’ on the Telecinco network.

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The 29-year-old Peruvian, although she is not well known in Peru, achieved popularity in the Iberian country after her participation in the reality shows ‘Survivientes’ and ‘Big Brother VIP’. From there she became a frequent guest on television shows due to her controversial style of creating ‘shows’.

And now that Shakira performed her latest song titled ‘El Jefe’, on September 20, the Peruvian did not miss the opportunity to give something to talk about. According to Saavedra, Gerard Piqué’s ex-partner copied her ‘del worm’ dance and used it in the song that has a regional-Mexican style, very popular these months.

The Barranquilla takes over the listings with El Jefe alongside Fuerza Regida – credit screenshot

“I’m a little upset because it has been copied from my steps, Shakira has to give me compensation because here it was me who ‘killed the worm many years ago’,” he said, referring to the steps of the song ‘How do you kill the worm’? worm’ that she – supposedly – ​​popularized in Spain.

The song “El Jefe”, in collaboration with the group Fuerza Regida, has a new message behind it against Piqué’s family. In the lyrics, mention is made of Lili Melgar, the nanny of the children of the former soccer player and the singer, and who was supposedly the person who revealed Piqué’s infidelity to Shakira. This would have led to her being fired unfairly and without any type of compensation. “This song is for you, because they didn’t pay you compensation,” is part of the lyrics.

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