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While we’ve long known that the different playable characters in Gotham Knights would change the way Warner Bros. Games Montreal develops the game, it turns out they’ll also adjust the way you experience the story.

As pointed out by PLAY Magazine (thanks to PC Gamer) in an interview with the developer’s game director Geoff Ellenor and film studies director Wilson Mui, it is said that you can’t actually play a game in one session experience all the story of the game.

“We actually did four[故事], not just one! Mui said. Ellenor continued, “You don’t see everything in one playthrough. Just because there is so much content that is unique to the protagonist’s view of what’s going on and what’s going on.

As for how this will work, we’re told that each scene with a different character will “very similar” ,but “Every character has its own version” these versions have “Subtle Differences” these differences all come from the characters’ backstories and the experiences they’ve gone through that got them where they are in the game.

Gotham Knights has already won gold and will debut on PC and consoles on October 21st this year.


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