You nudged him, out!

If it is true that Italy of football had to sadly greet the Champions League with all four competing teams at the beginning lost by the way (first Inter in the group stage and then all three together in the round of 16 Atalanta, Juve and Lazio) it is also true that there is an Italy that in Europe is always respected and that of the referees. While Inzaghi’s team lost in Monaco, in London for Chelsea-Atletico Madrid c’era Orsato as match director who led the Italian team of referees in the eighth of the Champions League.

A punctual race conduct that also had a decisive moment, when towards the end of the game, with Chelsea leading 1-0 and the forcing of the Spaniards to try to shorten the gap and re-enter the match, Orsato drew the red card directed to Savic, defender of the red and white for unsportsmanlike conduct. A sanction that the Italian referee took without consulting the colleagues of the WHERE, having seen the irregularity of the player.

You elbowed him in the belly! Out, out! “ He shouted Orsato to Dejan Savic, in Italian prefect then stolen by the sideline microphones. Message delivered to the sender who understood the sentence very well since he played in Italy, in Serie A with the shirt of Fiorentina and he knows our language very well. Thus, the controversies and recriminations almost immediately stopped.

After all Orsato was flawless because the television images show the correctness of the referee’s decision: with the ball far away and in the full penalty area, the contact between Savic and Rudiger is foul: the former viola hits the former Roma player in the chest and for Orsato this is enough to consider the gesture as ‘unsportsmanlike behavior’ punishable with the most severe sanction, direct expulsion.

For the record, the Chelsea a few minutes later he will be able to round off his advantage on the 2-0 final and confirm himself as the best of Atletico Madrid, which he had already beaten in the first leg at Vicente Calderon, winning by right access to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.


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