“You should rot in prison”: the battle that heats up Belgrade

The derby between Red Star and Partizan Belgrade is never calm, and yesterday (Monday) the two met as part of the Adriatic League in a game where the story was not basketball. Towards the end of the first quarter, Nikola Ivanovic penetrated the basket and collided with Zack Leday, a move that was followed by a foul by the referees and the guard lay injured on the floor.

Following the offense of attacking and injuring their player, the star fans started throwing objects on the floor, which caused the game to be stopped by the referees for about half an hour, until some of the fans were cleared from the floor. In the end, after the return of the game, the star did not struggle and won 74:90, led by Luka Vildoza and Nemaniye Nadovich, who scored 36 points together. On the other side, Yam Madar scored 9 points and gave 3 assists in 20 minutes on the floor.

To understand the hatred and chaos that is ignited every time in the Belgrade derby, you can go back a few hours, when before the game in a television interview, the owner of Partizan, Ostoj Mihajlovic, spoke about the owner of the star, Nabojsa Kovic, who answered himself, with one big display of hatred .

Mihailovich said: “The president of the star has been in politics and sports for 30 years. We all know how it works and how he survives. He betrayed all the people who brought him to where he is today. He marks all of us with targets on our foreheads and we will not allow it. Instead of rotting in prison , he appears on television and smears us.”

Kubic did not remain indebted and replied in a video posted on the star’s YouTube page: “Michailovich’s statement does not befit his status. A small man whose biography cannot be corrected even with money. In short, the wrong son in the wrong place. He should tell how much Partisan owes taxes.”


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