You won’t believe if you say you are 40 years old… Sonia Agarwal flaunts her milk mane!!

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Actress Sonia Aggarwal made her debut in Tamil cinema with the film Kadhal Kondane, directed by Selvaragavan and starring actor Dhanush. Sonia Aggarwal won the Best Debut Actress Award for her role in Kadhal Konden. After that he acted in films including Kovil Madurai.

But if you ask which movie brought him among the fans, it is the movie 7G Rainbow Colony directed by director Selvaraghavan. The film is based on a popular realistic screenplay. It must be said that this movie made a good impression among the 90s youth.

This movie has the honor of running for 75 days in a single theatre. This movie was a big hit. It gave actress Sonia Aggarwal a huge reception. After that, he acted in films such as Story of a College, One Day One Night, Thirutuppayale, Puduppettai, Vaanam and Chaturangam.

She fell in love with Selvaraghavan while acting in the film Puduppettai and married him a few days after the release of the film. He got married in 2006 and lived with her for four years. After that due to some problems Selvara and Sonia Agarwal broke up.

Actress Sonia Aggarwal, who is currently acting in films, is currently acting in a total of six films in Tamil and Malayalam. He is also focusing on webseries. In this case, he is active on his Instagram page and often publishes his photos. In that way, the fans who have seen the photos published by him are commenting that no one will believe him if he says that he is 40 years old.

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