Young Christians discuss participation in politics

Young Christians discuss participation in politics

2023-06-02 15:37:23

News from Angola – Young people belonging to the National Christian Youth Movement and the National Christian Youth Network addressed this Friday, in Luanda, their participation in political life.

In a round table organized by these two associations, young people were clarified about what their contribution in politics should be.

When intervening in the act, sociologist Rafael Aguiar stated that politics and the Christian religion are two priesthoods that must have the common purpose of working for the well-being of the population.

According to the lecturer, the Christian religion and politics have as a common goal the development of a given country and its citizens.

On the occasion, he stressed that a Christian should not be inhibited from participating in political life, since he is a citizen, therefore he must participate in political events.

On his turn, Pastor Ovídio de Freitas stated that the Sacred Scriptures (Bible) do not have any reference that prohibits the participation of Christians in activities of a political nature.

According to the religious leader, the scriptures refer that every Christian must be the salt and light of the world, therefore he has the duty to participate in all spheres of human activity.

“However, it is necessary that each one knows how to position himself in each of these areas, in the church he must behave like a believer, being forbidden to use the religious congregation for political purposes”, he maintained.

When taking the floor, pastor Ovídio de Freitas criticized the existence of some religious denominations that forbid their followers to have an active participation in politics.

However, the political scientist Agostinho Sicato stated that religion and politics are intrinsically linked in the construction of a true democratic state based on the rule of law.

In his opinion, when, for example, a citizen discusses with a trader the price of a certain product, he is playing politics, regardless of the religious denomination to which he belongs.

The round table, which had the participation of young people from different religious denominations, aimed to sensitize young people to have a more effective participation in political life.

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