Your dentist knows when you performed oral sex for this reason

Your dentist knows when you performed oral sex for this reason

2023-06-06 22:41:17

You probably didn’t know that your dentist knows when you had oral sex with another person and you will be surprised to know the reason.

What you thought could be kept secret dentists can easily find out thanks to some very specific features found in our boca and here we reveal what it is about.

What can the dentist know?

There are various ways in which dentists they can identify characteristics of us and our hygiene thanks to some examinations and cleanings dental routine.

Oral health specialists detect oral symptoms of stresssuch as orofacial pain, bruxism, jaw disorders and gum disease.

Although it surprises us, the dentists they can know some characteristics of our life, even more than ourselves, such as wear and tear due to stress or anxiety.

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Why do dentists know when you did an oral?

Experts have revealed that they can detect when a patient has practiced oral sex recently thanks to the appearance of petechiae, which are identified as small lesions or hematomas that appear on the palate.

He Mayo Clinic Medical Institute reveals that there are various causes of the appearance of petechiae in the body, which appear when the capillaries bleed and blood is shed on the skin.

Las petechiae They can appear for various reasons such as bites, allergies, punctures, blows and suction, so it is usually easy to identify.

Your dentist knows when you had oral sex because when a person does it, the penis repeatedly hits the palate and although they are not strong, it manages to make a hematoma in the soft tissue of the palate.

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What is deep oral hygiene?

You should know that maintaining a deep cleaning is important for the care of our teeth and should be done frequently.

The cleaning Profunda is a treatment with local anesthesia so that the dentist can clean the “periodontal pockets”, which are located between the gum and the tooth where tartar and debris accumulate. bacteria.

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How to do a good oral with hygiene?

Experts recommend that both people check their bodies, wash their sex toys and keep a good oral hygiene and intimate to avoid infections.

It is recommended to see a specialist who can provide us with more information about the sexual health to avoid various infections.

now that you know why your dentist knows when you had oral sex for this reason, surely you will be more careful when going to make a Mouth cleaning.

In addition, we share more information about oral sex that surely interests you:

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