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Unt all road users who smoke weed, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda are the most famous. They drove unshaven, long-haired and foggy, but at a leisurely pace through the vastness of the west, it was mostly straight ahead, the landscape was terrific, the soundtrack phenomenal and the traffic density low.

The year 1969 lies in a past in which road users, stoned or not stoned, still predominantly looked at the road while driving, unlike today. Because there was no TikTok, Whatsapp or Facebook, at most a car radio, absolutely nothing like a smartphone. To check mails, you had to go to the mailbox, good old days. However, it should also be remembered that there was a chunk of money hidden in the petrol tank of Peter Fonda’s great long-fork chopper, a lot of drug dollars from dark shops. Easy Rider, the road movie from 1969, already taught us that a connection between hard drugs and the oh-so-harmless soft ones is not unlikely.

With the increasing use of electric vehicles, other hiding spots will have to be found. Which these are remains to be seen. The future raises further questions: How will the number of stoners on the road develop? And those of the tiktokenden, whatsappenden, facebookenden stoners? Will smoking a bag or having a hash biscuit have beneficial effects on traffic calming? Can pedestrians soon be more relaxed on the road? In short: How will the legalization of cannabis, which has been decided by traffic lights, affect? Easy Rider already delivered the right song for successful coalition negotiations: Don’t bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me.


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