Youth program – Family, friends, love… How to overcome jealousy?

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We have all felt jealousy, more or less intensely. We have all also been victims of people who cast a look full of envy, possessiveness or overprotection, on what we do, particularly within the framework of a relationship as a couple, in the family, in friendship, or in the professional setting.

When it becomes sickly, jealousy can poison life. How to beat her? How do you learn to trust yourself? How a Psychologist Can Help Us Overcome These Feelings ?

At the end of the show, we take stock of the long Covid. This phenomenon affects more than 20% of patients after 5 weeks, and more than 10% of patients after 3 months. We talk about it with the For Hervé Bourhy, Director of the Department of Global Health at the Institut Pasteur. He works on rabies and Covid-19.


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