YouTube adds a new feature for the “impatient”

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YouTube adds a new feature for the “impatient”

YouTube has added a new feature to its service to satisfy impatient users that will help them quickly jump to their most favorite parts of videos.

According to Tom’s Guide, there are times when you just want to skip to the good part of something, and Google recognizes that desire so it’s easy to watch the “most frequent” parts of YouTube videos.

This comes in the form of a graph integrated into the video progress bar, where viewers can see the top and bottom points of the most frequent and least frequent parts of the video.

And when the graph is at its peak, this is the part of the video that’s been played back and watched a lot, so it’s probably the most interesting part of that clip.

If a person is looking to skip to a common part of a video, such as looking for the exact moment in which a creative sentence is uttered in a movie or in a comedy with scenes full of laughable phrases. Since the graph says it all, the user can skip the unfunny or uninteresting scenes where the graph points are at the bottom.

The graph received the most responses in a beta test for YouTube Premium subscribers, but it is now rolling out to desktop and phone users, and it will be enabled by default, so the user will not have to modify any settings in the YouTube platform in order to get this feature.

Youtube edits

This update comes as part of other tweaks that Google is making to its YouTube platform, and one of these tests is an upcoming test for YouTube Premium users that allows them to “search for the exact moment in a video they want to watch.”

Another feature is the ability to repeat certain parts of the video, such as a relaxing soundtrack or a clip from the sound of running water.

YouTube on Apple Watch

Google has also made it possible to stream YouTube Music on Apple Watches via Wi-Fi or mobile internet packages.

Google said on its Apple Watch page and its users: “We are pleased to announce that the YouTube Music app on the Apple Watch introduces two new features.
First: Starting this week, you will be able to stream music via Internet or Wi-Fi packages
Second: You can now add a new YouTube Music panel to your watch to give quick access to your recently played playlist or to the YouTube Music app browsing page.

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