YouTube could turn into a hub of channels (and help out Netflix and Dazn) – An online container for video streaming services. These are the plans of Youtube, a platform controlled by Alphabet, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. For the newspaper, the new platform (in fact a “shop” of online channels, a channel store) it has been in the works for at least 18 months and may be available as early as this fall.

The competitors? Amazon, Apple, Roku (not available in Italy, it provides for example a Paramount + subscription on its channel), their names. The motion it would allow YouTube not to spend money on original contentallowing access to other streaming services, generating revenue: YouTube would act as an intermediary between streamer and subscriber, taking a percentage of the subscription fee. YouTube would offer around 2 billion viewers per month, an attractive prospect for those streaming services that want to reach more users via the popular entertainment app.

The cross-platform, this is the technical name of the model, which Youtube would be working on it would be a facility for everyone. On the plate Youtube would put the solidity of its platform, already tested for years for live content and live events. The debacle of the Dazn platform (it has been broadcasting the games for five years, with continuous and widespread disservices) during the first of the championship cannot but tell us something: better to rely on those who have proven to know how to do things, rather than improvise with approximate solutions. What are we talking about? Cumbersome authentication system, inadequate codecs. Not to mention the management, on the communication side, of the disservice.

Users side the YouTube solution it would allay the anxiety of surfers of subscription services with periodic fee (also Subscription Video on Demand): they would decide the algorithms and the quality of what is offered. With the growth in quantity of video streaming platforms, in some time we may find ourselves wandering from one channel to another without a compass. Not only. After the historic overtaking of Disney + against Netflix, the solution could reshuffle the cards of the streaming planet. Again.


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