YouTube may ban viewing videos with an ad blocker – Kommersant

YouTube may ban viewing videos with an ad blocker – Kommersant

2023-05-11 00:28:48

Video service YouTube tests A new feature that prevents users from watching videos with ad blockers. The service will offer to either disable the blocker and watch a commercial, or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

YouTube calls the new feature experimental, at the moment it is not widely used. Earlier in 2022, the YouTube Vanced app was discontinued due to legal issues with Google – the service was a modified version of YouTube without ads and with additional free features like listening in the background.

YouTube owner Google is known for its fight against ad blockers was going to in January 2023, switch your Google Chrome browser to the Manifest V3 extension system, which would render current versions of blockers useless. However, the transition to Manifest V3 has been delayed as the developers continue to analyze feedback and make changes to the new system. Also in 2016, Google removed all non-browser-integrated ad blockers from the Play Store.

Evgeny Fedunenko

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