Youtube takes action against fake news on vaccines

Conspiracy theories are widely spread on platforms like YouTube.
Image: dpa

The YouTube video platform is tightening its approach to countering false information about vaccines. On Tuesday, two German-language video channels on the Russian state broadcaster RT were blocked.

Dhe video platform Youtube wants to remove incorrect information about all vaccinations and not only about corona vaccines in the future. Affected are contributions that contradict information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities on safety, efficiency and ingredients, the Google subsidiary announced on Wednesday.

For example, it will no longer be allowed to claim that vaccinations cause cancer and diabetes or that they can be used to track people who have been vaccinated, explained YouTube. Accounts that repeatedly or particularly severely violated the rules would be banned from the platform.

The video platform had already removed two German-language video channels from the Russian state broadcaster RT on Tuesday, thus drawing the anger of Moscow on itself. Youtube justified the block with violations of the rules on false information about the corona pandemic.



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