Pictured – Michael Pick, Credit – Michael Pick | Photo: Sports 5

To dream big: Some people take it literally. Want an example? YouTube is relatively unrecognized by name Michael PickKnown (in his small community of about 10,000 followers), in do-it-yourself projects that include creating huge or tiny things revealed a console Xbox Series X Huge.

His latest project was inspired by Microsoft who created a mini-fridge based on the Xbox Series X, so he decided to increase his version even more. The giant console is just a tank, in height 2 Meters And weighs about 113 kilo. Overall, this is about size times 600 Standard X Series. It has even been declared the world’s largest Xbox console by the Guinness Book of Records. Of course it is fully functional, and there is an impressive amount of attention to detail in the construction.

Underneath all this monster, the real Xbox looks the same, meaning all the hardware is still inside the box, screwed into one of the console walls, and then realize that it’s all basically a huge shell on a real Xbox scale, but the power button works, and everything else is where it should be .

Interestingly, this project is the exact opposite of another console-related project that went viral recently. Another YouTuber created PlayStation 5 Slim Custom less than an inch thick. To achieve this he removed all the hardware and placed it in a custom case. This required it to make the PlayStation’s power supply external, and it also had to produce an external liquid cooling solution. Still, the results speak for themselves, as it had temperatures much lower than the standard PlayStation 5.

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