Zakhar Prilepin became the finalist of the “Big Book”

Zakhar Prilepin became the finalist of the “Big Book”

2023-06-01 13:57:26

In Moscow, announced the shortlist of the country’s main prize

On the first day of summer in the capital’s GUM, the list of finalists for the country’s main prize in the field of prose, The Big Book, was announced. The ceremony was attended by a correspondent of “MK”.

The task of choosing from a long list of 51 writers a conditional one and a half dozen names is not an easy task, but doable, and the experts coped with it.

The ceremony was opened by the director of the State Literary Museum, Dmitry Bak, who delivered a speech on duty, stating, in particular, that the prize had gathered a circle of literature lovers.

The members of the expert council of the 18th season, headed by Dmitry Danilov, presented a shortlist, while Danilov stated the prevalence of fiction in 2023.

Shorts for this season are as follows:

1. Avchenko Vasily, documentary prose “Red Sky. True stories about earth, fire and a flying man.

2. Buyda Yuri, the novel “The Gift of Speech”.

3. Vasyakina Oksana, the novel “Rose”.

4. Verkin Eduard, novel-dilogy “snark snark. Book 1: Chaginsk”, “snark snark. Book 2: The Snow of Enceladus.

5. Wiesel Mikhail, documentary prose “Creator. The life and adventures of Anton Nosik, father of Runet, trickster, blogger and pioneer, describing three eras of the Internet in Russia.

6. Evgeny Vodolazkin, the novel “Chagin”.

7. Dmitry Zakharov, novel “Committee for the Protection of Bridges”.

8. Alexey Kolmogorov, novel “OTMA. Rescue of the Romanovs.

9. Kremchukov Evgeny, the novel “The Magic Choir”.

10. Marinichev Rodion, the story “Komendan”.

11. Pobyarzhina Helena, novel “Valsarb”.

12. Prilepin Zakhar, documentary prose “Sholokhov. Illegal”.

13. Salnikov Alexey, the novel “Okkulttreger”.

14. Mikhail Turbin, novel “Above the Feet from the Ground”.

15. Shalashova Alexandra, the novel “Salutes on the Other Side”.

By the way, the leading reason why Prilepin is not in the hall overlooking Red Square, did not name. This was done by prose writer Zhenya Dekina, who wished Prilepin a speedy recovery.

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