Zaki free, the hug to the mother. “Thanks, all right: come on Bologna”

Patrick Zaki has been released from prison: Eipr announces it in a tweet, publishing a photo of the researcher in the street embracing his mother

The Egyptian student from the University of Bologna arrested on February 7, 2020, was released from Mansoura prison, following the judge’s decision to release him and adjourn the hearing. It is communicated by his twitter the ngo Eipr for which Patrick worked, posting a photo of the young man hugging his mother.

The next hearing in the trial against the young man will be held on February 1, 2022, as ordered yesterday by the court for crimes against the security of the state of Mansoura. Just got out of the police station Patrick Zaki hugged his mother.

The hug took place in a narrow street overlooked by the police station, between traffic police barriers and a truck with a trailer. To hug his mother, Patrick left on the ground a white plastic bag that he carried along with a black bag.

Zaki: “Everything is fine. Come on Bologna”

“All right” and then, “come on Bologna”, answering a journalist who reminded him that many are waiting for him in Bologna. They were the first words the student spoke after the family hug, as shown in an exclusive video published by

“We have been waiting to see that embrace for 22 months and that embrace comes from Italy, from all the people, all groups and local authorities, the university, the parliamentarians who made sure that that embrace came” . Riccardo Noury, spokesman for Amnesty International Italia, commented with Ansa on the news of the release.

“A hug – says Noury ​​- above all to the media that have kept the attention high for these 22 months. Now that we have seen that hug, we are waiting for this freedom to be not temporary but permanent. And with this wish we will arrive at the first. February, next hearing “.


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